Abnormal Bodily Phenomena questionnaire

Questionario dei Fenomeni Corporei Abnormi

G. Stanghellini, M. Ballerini, J. Cutting

1 “G. d’Annunzio” University, Chieti (Italy); 2 “D. Portales” University”, Santiago (Chile); 3 Department of Mental Health, Florence (Italy); 4 Institute of Psychiatry, London (UK)

The Abnormal Bodily Phenomena questionnaire (ABPq) is a semi-structured interview that originates from analyses of the clinical files of over 350 patients with schizophrenia. The result provide a rich and detailed collection of patients’ self-descriptions related to subjective, experiential anomalies about feelings, sensations, perceptions and cognitions arising in the domain of the lived body. ABPq comprises nine distinctive items, grouped in five categories: demarcation, vitality, coherence, identity and activity. For each item and category, an accurate description and a list of examples are provided. Different intensities of phenomena are assessed through a Likert Scale by rating each item according to its quantitative features (frequency, intensity, impairment and coping). ABPq may help to discriminate schizophrenia from other psychoses and cluster A personality disorders from other personality disorders. This scale may also contribute in assessing features of clinical high risk or ultra high risk syndromes.

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