MISM: Clinical and epidemiological data of a new Italian Public Mental Health Care Model in development

“MISM” Modulo Integrato Sperimentale per la Salute Mentale: i dati clinici ed epidemiologici di una prospettiva assistenziale istituzionale in evoluzione

E. Rosini, D. Pucci, G. Calabrò, P. Girardi

Dipartimento NESMOS Facoltà di “Medicina e Psicologia”, Sapienza Università di Roma, Italia


An overview is provided of the characteristics and critical aspects of a psychiatric community model that forms the basis for psychiatric assistance in Italy. In particular, the MISM (Modulo Integrato Sperimentale per la Salute Mentale; integrated experimental module for mental health) project in the Lazio region is described, which integrates assistance, research, training and teaching between a psychiatric clinic and a community health unit in Rome inspired by the guidelines of the World Psychiatry Association Action Plan (2008-2011). The indicators of success of the project (reduction in total number of hospitalisations in the catchment area) required by the Lazio region were fully achieved. In addition, the overall efficacy and efficiency of the assistance offered, along with the pilot experience of the partnership between the university and local health services considering training, research activities and teaching, were obtained without an increase in regional healthcare expenses and in accordance with local regulations. The number and types of hospitalisations over time were compared before and after the implementation of the MISM in May 2010. From a clinical standpoint, the prevalence of hospitalised patients [including those already under care (generally for recurrent acute psychotic and mood disorders) and those experiencing first contact with psychiatric services] increased in recent years, because of the second ones, with shorter hospitalisation times.


The aim of this study is to describe the psychiatric health care management of a territorial catchment area through the partnership between a University Hospital agency for acute patients together with public psychiatric network agencies, sharing common clinical guidelines.

The goal of the research is to evaluate quality of this partnership through a specific goal, consisting in assessing the amount of hospitalizations per year, from 2010 onward, confronting these results with those of preceding years.

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