Post-traumatic stress disorder in nurses during covid-19: a narrative review

Antonino Calabrò 1, Federica Ilari 2, Roberto Lupo 3, Luana Conte 4-5, Elsa Vitale 6

1 “Nuovo Ospedale degli Infermi” Hospital, ASL (Local Health Authority) Biella, Italy; 2 University of Oriental Piemond, Biella, Italy; 3 San Giuseppe da Copertino Hospital, Local Health Authority Lecce, Italy; 4 Laboratory of Biomedical Physics and Environment, Department of Mathematics and Physics “E. De Giorgi”, University of Salento, Lecce (LE), Italy; 5 Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Research Applied to Medicine (DReAM), University of Salento and ASL (Local Health Authority) Lecce (LE), Italy; 6 Mental Health Canter, ASL (Local Health Authority) Bari, Italy

DOI 10.36148/2284-0249-469


Since December 2019, the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) or severe acute respiratory syndrome SARS-CoV-2 has spread rapidly around the world and has reached pandemic proportions that have affected all continents.


Thanks to the PICO research strategy (population, intervention, comparison, results), a specific search string was used.  To include relevant literature on the topic, several search terms belonging to each PICO section were combined. 339 studies published in English in the last 3 years (2020-2022) were identified, available on: EMBASE and MEDLINE.


The studies included in this narrative review included 14 observational studies. Summarize the article’s main findings.


Cultural, social and economic differences significantly influenced the mental health condition of all healthcare workers involved.

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