Recovery and values in psychosis: is there a place for connection?

Dalila Talevi, Alessandro Rossi

Department of Biotechnological and Applied Clinical Sciences (DISCAB), University of L’Aquila, Italy

The conclusion of either the pathological process or the disease cycle, both from a clinical and anatomopathological point of view is what medicine means by outcome. Leaving out here the anatomopathological issues, a disease evolution may result in healing, chronicity or death. From a psychopathological perspective, symptoms reduction and social functioning improvement have always been regarded as the two most important outcomes in schizophrenia 1-3, although the changes of these domains do not go hand-in-hand 4. In recent years a “new psychiatry” is emerging, that aims not simply at the achievement of symptoms relief and social abilities, but to a “recovery” 5-7. 

Recovery has received an increasing attention in mental health. However, it is also clear that the term “recovery” has been used in different ways with different meaning.

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