Sexual abuse in males: when psychic and somatic sufference blends

Abuso sessuale nel sesso maschile: quando la sofferenza di psiche e soma si fonde

E. di Giacomo, A. Alamia, F. Cicolari, V. Cimolai, T. Tabacchi, M. Clerici

1 Dipartimento di Neuroscienze e Tecnologie Biomediche, DNTB, Università di Milano “Bicocca”; 2 DSM Azienda Ospedale “S. Gerardo”, Monza (MB)



Sexual abuse is a traumatic event with heavy consequences in terms of clinical implications and life quality or quantity. Violence against males is often neglected for many reasons, but is nevertheless as important as female’s and more frequent than common opinion supposes.

Materials and methods

We analyzed the evidence based literature published over the last 5 years (283 research papers and reviews), including previous publications and book chapters if linked.


Beginning from its epidemiology, which shows how dramatically it is widespread to analysis of consequences, we then analyze therapeutic possibilities about what is known and documented.


We affirm that this problem cannot be ignored, and that it should be addressed in preventive efforts and early intervention. Finally, we stress that further research is necessary.

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