Treatment guidelines for bipolar disorder: a bit unrealistic, but indispensable

Linee guida per il trattamento del disturbo bipolare: poco realistiche, ma indispensabili

E. Vieta*, A. Murru*, A. Rossi**

* Bipolar Disorders Program, Institute of Clinical Neuroscience, Hospital Clinic, University of Barcelona, IDIBAPS, CIBERSAM, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain; ** Department of Experimental Medicine, University of L'Aquila, Località Coppito II, L'Aquila, Italy


Treatment guidelines for bipolar disorder may represent useful tools in choosing appropriate treatments, evaluating the role of specific interventions in the management and for following-up an illness, and evidence of the usefulness of their implementation has been produced. Guidelines cannot replace clinical knowledge that aims to improve patient health globally. However, guidelines remain a point of reference when they merge efficacy, safety and tolerability (which, combined together, constitute what we term effectiveness).

A priority in the development of future guidelines and updates, should be a reader-friendly organization of the document, with clear algorithms and with limited dispersion of information allowing the better dissemination and implementation.

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