Early view

Gender dysphoria in adolescents: the need for a shared assessment protocol and the proposal of the AGIR protocol

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Testing Three Theories of Cognitive Dysfunction in Problem Alcohol Use

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Resting Energy Expenditure in a Sample of Female Patients with Bipolar Disorder: Indirect Calorimetry vs Harris-Benedict, Mifflin-St.Jeor, LARN Equations

M. Miniati, S. Calugi, M. Simoncini, A. Ciberti, M. Giorgi Mariani, M. Mauri, L. Dell’Osso, M.D.

Maintenance ECT for the treatment and resolution of agitation in Alzheimer's dementia

G. Fàzzari, C. Marangoni, O. Benzoni, A. Rossi

SHAPE Aggression like psychopathologic dimension: two case reports

F. Freilone, S. Scarfò, M.T. Colella, A. Capellupo, O. Lesioba, E. Pirfo, F. Vischia