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The link between happiness and psychopathology
D. Talevi, A. Rossi

Original articles

Mediating role of lack of support for the relationship between extraversion and sense of loneliness in parents of children with autism spectrum disorder and parents of children with intellectual disability
T. Gosztyła, A. Prokopiak

Obsessive-compulsive symptoms and schizophrenia spectrum disorders: the impact on clinical and psychopathological features. A descriptive study on acute inpatients
G. Menculini, P.M. Balducci, L. Attademo, F. Bernardini, E. Lucarini, P. Moretti, R. Quartesan, A. Raballo, A. Tortorella

Effect on post-stroke anxiety and depression of an early neuropsychological and behavioural treatment
V. Lenzo, A. Geraci, A. Filastro, M.C. Quattropani


Quantum neurobiological view to mental health problems and biological psychiatry
S. Tarlacı

Assessment and instruments in psychopathology

Inter-rater reliability and psychometric characteristics of the Italian version of the Cognitive Assessment Interview (CAI)
D. Palumbo, P. Bucci, A. Mucci, D. Pietrafesa, G.M. Giordano, A. Vignapiano, S. Galderisi

The Karolinska Interpersonal Violence Scale, Italian version
D. Talevi, F. Pacitti, S. Parnanzone, C. Crescini, A. Lucaselli, M. Costa, R. Rossi

Case reports

Psychosis exacerbation following group A Streptococcal pharyngitis: an immune-mediated phenomenon? A case report
C. Niolu, G. Albergo, M. Ribolsi, G. Lisi, A. Siracusano