Issue 3/2019 online!


Further exploration of suicidal behavior: from mental to psychopathological perspectives
M.Pompili, A. Rossi

Perspective article

A plea for the understanding of the suicidal mind

Original articles

Personality, mental functioning, and symptoms: assessing suicidal risk with the Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual, 2nd ed. (PDM-2)
V. Lingiardi, G. Di Cicilia,T. Boldrini

Suicide in obsessive-compulsive related disorders: prevalence rates and psychopathological risk factors
U.Albert, L. Pellegrini, G. Maina, A.-R. Atti, D. De Ronchi, Z. Rhimer

Risk factors for suicide in bipolar disorder
G.Maina, F. Quarato, S. Bramante

Epilepsy and suicide: a narrative review
R. Ciuffini, A. Marrelli, E. Perilli, P. Stratta

Dissociation in stress-related disorders and self-harm: a review of the literature and a systematic review of mediation models
R. Rossi, L. Longo, D. Fiore, A. Carcione, C. Niolu, A. Siracusano, G. Di Lorenzo

Case report

A complex phenotype of suicidal behavior: a case of post brain injury dissociative disorder
L. Longo, R. Rossi, C. Niolu, A. Siracusano, G. Di Lorenzo