Psychopathology of Eating Disorders Section

Eating disorders, including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge-eating disorder and other unspecified or otherwise specified eating disorders, are one of the most common health problems in adolescents and young adults of Western countries, representing one of the most frequent causes of disability for young people. The WHO identified eating disorders as a priority for the mental health of adolescents and young adults. The section on “Psychopathology of Eating Disorders” aims to disseminate updated knowledge relevant to etiopathogenesis, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of eating disorders with a special focus on their psychopathological aspects in order to stimulate high standards in research, training and clinical practice in the field of so severe and disabling psychiatric disorders.


Palmiero Monteleone

Full Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Salerno. He coordinates the clinical and research activities of the Eating Disorders Center of the Campania Region at the University of Naples. He has been Chair and Co-chair of the Eating Disorders Section of the World Psychiatric Association; he is Chair of the Eating Disorders Section of the European Psychiatric Association. He has been member of the ICD-11 Expert Consultation Group on the Classification of Feeding and Eating Disorders, and member of Task Force on Eating Disorders of the World Federation of Societies of Biological Psychiatry. He has been Secretary and he is President of the Italian Society of Eating Psychopathology. He is member of the editorial boards of Psychoneuroendocrinology, International Journal of Eating Disorders, Neuropsychobiology, European Eating Disorders Review, Nutrients. In 2014 he has been awarded by Expertscape as the best Italian Researcher and Clinician in the field of Eating Disorders.