Psychopathology of Sexual Behavior Section

It is written in the annals of history: Sexology is born in the psychiatric house. In the modern era, the first great scholars dealing with the function – and dysfunction – of human sexual behaviour were just the doctors of the mind. The aim of this new section (which could be called “Sextion”) of the Journal of Psychopathology is to newly recognize the psychiatric paternity after almost a century of denial of this cultural and clinical responsibility. The large majority of sexological arguments of specific clinical interest for the psychiatrists will be here discussed. The reader will find articles on the possible sex-toxicity of (almost) all classes of drugs used in Psychiatry or for illegal abuse, the comorbidity of sexual and psychiatric and personality disorders, the sexology of the eating behavior disorder, the role of the psychiatrist in the treatment of gender dysphoria, sexual abusers and paraphilic patients demonstrating that the space for a new collaboration between the doctors of the mind and those of the sex is vast and is revealing scientific products able to satisfy the most rosy and flattering expectations.


Emmanuele A. Jannini

Full Professor of Endocrinology and Medical Sexology (University of Rome Tor Vergata), he was a guest researcher and fellow at the Clinical Endocrinology Branch, NIDDK, NIH, USA, lecturer at St Catherine’s College, Oxford, UK, on courses of the European Academy of Sexual Medicine, and visiting professor in several universities abroad. He has been also nominated Honorary Professor of Sexual Medicine of the Hanoi Medical University in Vietnam. He studies human sexuality with endocrine and behavioral perspectives, with particular interest in erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and female sexual function and dysfunction.


Giorgio Di Lorenzo

Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the Department of Systems Medicine of the University of Rome Tor Vergata. His main clinical and research fields are psychosis, stress- and trauma-related disorders, psychopharmacology and electromagnetic brain stimulation of treatment-resistant mental illnesses, and cognitive rehabilitation of psychiatric disorders. He has also expertise in psychophysiology and cognitive neuroscience. Current scientific interests in the field of psychopathology are addressed to the characterizations of clinical dimensions in early psychotic disorders and stress- and trauma-related disorders, with a particular interest, respectively, in the identification of sexual dysfunctions and specifiers of complex traumatic phenotypes.