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Special Issue

Phenomenological psychopathology and clinical practice: resources for early career psychiatrists

Guest Editors: Giovanni Stanghellini, Valentina Ramella Cravaro


The phenomenological dissection in psychopathology

G. Stanghellini, V. Ramella Cravaro

1. Phenomenological psychopathology as a core science for psychiatry

Phenomenology of atmospheres. The felt meanings of clinical encounters (FULL TEXT - PDF DOCUMENT)

C. Costa, S. Carmenates, L. Madeira, G. Stanghellini

Phenomenological psychopathology and the neurosciences (FULL TEXT - PDF DOCUMENT)

G. Catone, J.F. Lindau, M.R. Broome

Explanation and description in phenomenological psychopathology (FULL TEXT - PDF DOCUMENT)

L.A. Sass

Training in psychopathology in Europe: are we doing well? A survey among early career psychiatrists (FULL TEXT - PDF DOCUMENT)

G. Sampogna, V. Del Vecchio, M. Luciano, C. De Rosa, A. Fiorillo

2. Psychopathology of mood disorders

How do you feel? Why emotions matter in psychiatry (FULL TEXT - PDF DOCUMENT)

R. Rosfort, G. Stanghellini

Temperament, personality and the vulnerability to mood disorders. The case of the melancholic type of personality (FULL TEXT - PDF DOCUMENT)

A. Ambrosini, A. Raballo, G. Stanghellini

Psychopathology of depressions and mania: symptoms, phenomena and syndromes (FULL TEXT - PDF DOCUMENT)

T. Fuchs

Reconsidering the affective dimension of depression and mania: towards a phenomenological dissolution of the paradox of mixed states (FULL TEXT - PDF DOCUMENT)

A.V. Fernandez

3. Psychopathology of schizophrenias

The life-world of persons with schizophrenia. A panoramic view (FULL TEXT - PDF DOCUMENT)

M. Mancini, S. Presenza, L. Di Bernardo, P.P. Lardo, S. Totaro, F. Trisolini, L. Vetrugno, G. Stanghellini

Schizophrenia as a disorder of the self (FULL TEXT - PDF DOCUMENT)

M.G. Henriksen, J. Nordgaard

Early detection of schizophrenia: a clinical-psychopathological revision of the ultra-high risk approach (FULL TEXT - PDF DOCUMENT)

V. Ramella Cravaro, A. Raballo

4. Psychopathology of the present

Borderline personality disorder from a psychopathological-dynamic perspective (FULL TEXT - PDF DOCUMENT)

M. Rossi Monti, A. D’Agostino

Psychopathology of eating disorders (FULL TEXT - PDF DOCUMENT)

G. Castellini, F. Trisolini, V. Ricca

Psychopathology of addictions (FULL TEXT - PDF DOCUMENT)

G. Di Petta

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