G. Lando, E. Daneluzzo, M. Marinelli, D. Gianfelice, C. Petruzzi, A. Rossi - Vol. 8, March 2002, Issue 1

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Differenze di genere nel Disturbo Ossessivo-Compulsivo nei pazienti in trattamento con fluvoxamina
Gender differences in Obsessive-Compulsive disorder in patients in treatment on fluvoxamine


Aim of the study was to evaluate gender differences in a group of patients with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder treated with fluvoxamine.


76 OCD patients (44 males) were selected on the basis of the "retrospective chart review". The patients were evaluated with Y-BOCS interview before and after 6 months of fluvoxamine treatment.


No gender differences in Y-BOCS measurements were seen before and after treatment. On the Y-BOCS checklist, the female patients showed a more polymorphic symptom profile. However no gender differences were seen in the fluvoxamine treatment, that reduced OCD symptoms, especially obsession, at the level in both male and female patients.