P. MOROSINI, A. GIGANTESCO, F. MIRABELLA, A. PICARDI - Vol. 10, March 2004, Issue 1

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Efficacia degli interventi, profili professionali e qualità in salute mentale
Efficacy of interventions, professional profiles and quality in mental health

In this paper, we stress the importance of evaluation and improvement of professional quality in mental health practice. The gap is outlined between the actual practice and the availability of effective psychosocial interventions according to the evidence-based medicine principles. A list of effective psychosocial interventions, which is derived by authoritative sources, is presented. The new trend toward the routine assessment of mental health outcomes is discussed, and a reference is made to a number of original instruments that have been developed by the Mental Health Unit of the Italian National Institute of Health and some Italian Universities to assess outcomes in mental health services, including patientsí satisfaction. A tool to assess mental health professionalsí satisfaction is also mentioned. The need to develop clinical pathways (profiles) and to evaluate their efficacy for the improvement of mental health services is highlighted.